Nanuleu now on the App Store and on Steam Greenlight

Nanuleu is now available on the App Store
It is also available on Greenlight
This post is about all the changes we made before the release.

Tree Animations

We decided to change the animation of the trees. Previously we just scaled up the tree image, so when you planted a new tree it would just grow the image from very small to the full size.
We wanted it to look like the trees were filling, like when you pour water on a glass. This is the final result.


We also changed the death animations of the trees. It’s the same but backwards.


New invader notification

We felt that the players were confused when a new invader appeared. It wasn’t very obvious where the new invader had spawn and they would move the map trying to find it. So we added a new effect.
Little black dots move from the new Invader tree towards the center life tree. So no matter where the player is currently looking, he can quickly find where the invader appeared.


Victory Effect

We also added a new effect when the player defeats the invaders. Rays of light shine over the Life Trees.


Unit Animations

We changed all the units animations. Previously, as with the trees, we would just scale the unit in and out. Now the soldiers grow from a circle and explode when they die. We also changed the attack animation for the heavy and the design of the regular soldier.



We made some changes to the difficulty of the game. Increased the life of Protector Trees, so that they could stand the attack of more invaders at the same time.

When the player plants a Life Tree, for the first time, it emits a blast that kills all the invaders currently on the map. We changed it, so now it will also heal all of the friendly trees on the map. This will give the player more time to create more defenses or gather more resources without worrying about damaged trees.

Save Game

We added auto saving to the game. So if you close the game, when you can come back to the match you were playing. The game is saved every 30 seconds or when you manually pause the game.


We made a trailer for the game, you can watch it here


We captured all the footage for the trailer using a modified version of the game. We added some special “cheat codes” so that we could speed the process and set the scene exactly as we wanted.
Some of the actions we added were:

  • Create any tree in any tile without worrying about resources
  • Spawning invaders immediately
  • Increasing the time of the game
  • Activating/deactivating the AI to fill the game automatically
  • Deleting trees
  • Changing the the terrain to a specific color.


Thank you very much for reading and don’t forget to check our Steam Greenlight page and vote for us if you like the game.

We’ll post an update here when the game is available in Steam and also in Android.

For more information you can visit.