Game modes, point system and tutorial

Game modes

We created three different game modes for Nanuleu, apprentice, warrior and sage.

Apprentice, is more of an exploration game.  The player has more time to expand and collect resources.   Enemies appear in a longer interval and their trees do not expand.  This game mode is targeted to casual players.

Warror, is Nanuleu’s regular mode.  It’s a challenging mode.  If the player wants to collect all achievements (that are also new to the game)  it becomes really difficult.   The achievements for this mode are:  finishing the game in less than 20 minutes and  finishing the game with all 4 altars alive.

Sage, in this mode dark barracks (black trees) appear closer to the player’s base and resources,  so the player need to change their strategy.


Point system

We implemented a point system, based on the time it took the player to finish the games,  the altars that survived and the trees lost.  The idea is to use this point system to create a best score rank in the different platforms where the game will be released.



We found that for some users the interface was not very intuitive,  mostly in mobile devices,  so we created a simple tutorial that indicates where to click / tap to plant the trees.

The tutorial shows up always during apprentice mode,  before you’ve won the game in warrior mode and never in sage mode.


Animations and Effects

We worked on a first iteration of animations and effects,  adding particles when a new tree is planted and also changing the animation of the roots.


Updated Gameplay Gif



We will improve the animations of roots, trees and make new animations for the evil spirits.

Thank you for reading 🙂