Update 1.12 & roadmap

Hello and thanks everyone for your feedback and comments!

We released an update last week that allows you to close the tutorial in the apprentice mode if you have won the game before. We also included localization for Chinese(simplified), Japanese and Russian.

Next update 1.13

We received a bug report: warrior’s target-finding algorithm breaks on some devices when you have too many units on the map.

We also received comments from some people that feel that Warrior mode is too difficult and frustrating.  We will tweak it a little bit, and change some things that we hope will improve the overall experience.  Some of these things are:

  • Speeding up animations: We think animations can be a distraction,  making the player think they cannot continue doing more actions if animations aren’t finished.  So we will speed them up to solve this issue.
  • Target-finding and path-finding algorithms will improve:  As result of fixing the reported bug.
  • Attackers will be slowed down just a little bit.
  • We will increase the time Dark Barracks(enemy trees) take to produce their first unit, so the player can have more time to expand to the correct location.

Those will be minor tweaks but we think they will improve everyone’s experience.

We will also work on a new icon for the game and hope to get this update ready next week.

Version 1.20

We’re planning to add one or two extra game modes in this update.  This is planned to be released at the end of August or early September.  We will let you know the exact date.

Thanks again! and we hope to receive more feedback from you 🙂