GGJ 2016: Virtual Ritus

This game was made for the global game jam 2016. The theme for this jam was “Ritual”

Virtual Ritus is a four player top down shooter game where each player controls a warrior. The warriors have to protect a priest that is performing a ritual to vanquish an evil spirit.

The enemies have different colors and only the warrior of that color can destroy them. Additional there are neutral enemies that any warrior can destroy. Additionally, a 5th player can control the order of the waves of enemies by using a custom controller created using a Makey Makey.

At the end of the round, the warriors have to fight each other to see who is the strongest warrior.

You can play the game in

  • Modelling and animation – Iván Monzón
  • Modelling and animation – Martin Balsells
  • Scene design and illumination – Oliver Sitán (
  • Programming & Custom controller – Selva Interactive